Spokane Whisky Club: Dry Fly Bourbon 101

It’s always fun to see a craft distillery, relatively new on the scene, tackle something other than Vodka or Gin, or even some base level whiskey, and decide to go for that great old chestnut known as American Bourbon. Keep in mind that this spirit is a few hundred years old with generation after generation of distilling history closely attached.

Arguably, to even get to a decently aged Bourbon you have to at least start at four, maybe five years of age to get a mellow, flavorful and interesting result. In other words, if you want to make something with quality that can compete in a crowded marketplace, you better roll your sleeves up because you have a challenge on your hands. Dry Fly Distilling just calls that “fun.”Dry Fly released a short time ago their first batch of Bourbon 101, their first new release since Dry Fly Wheat Whiskey in 2009.

We have some Bourbon snobs in the club that know this spirit inside and out, but rather than being skeptical, we were quite frankly excited to try it for reasons already stated. In terms of the mashbill we are looking at 60% corn, 20% wheat and 20% malted barley. At a mere three years old, and with a standard barrel size by the way (check out the trend of micro barrel use in the industry, our hosts are strongly against it), Dry Fly distilled a spirit which at least in terms of harshness vs. smoothness defies its age. What about flavor, though? Your humble correspondents of the SWC offer our opinions…

Nose- Sweet corn everywhere with hints of vanilla and traces of oak.Taste- Buttery corn sweetness, hint of smooth sugar and vanilla.

Finish- Excellent length, sweet and rich.

Comment- A nice, enjoyable bourbon. For its age, surprisingly smooth and mellow, no harshness to speak of. Corn ethanol gets in your nose and stays there and we would like to see more aromas and elements come through. However, there are bourbons the same age or older we wouldn’t drink with a gun to our heads. This Bourbon is worlds apart from those in terms of quality. Once again, these guys make it work well.

Group Rating – 83/100

Member Comments (not as talkative today…)

Ken- “Nice bourbon!”

Doug- “Really enjoyable.”

Jim- “Definitely a corn lover’s bourbon. I appreciate the quality and drinkability, but I like a rich bourbon. Hopefully we will see a bit more of that as time goes on.”

Mike- “Love the mellow and smooth quality, but no complexity, and not among my favorites.”

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