Dry Fly Distillery: First Ever Creel Collection Release


On Dec. 1st we will be releasing 3 brand new products including our 2nd Batch of Washington Straight Bourbon 101. We will open at 10 am and product will be sold first come first served. Everything will be sold in 375 ml bottles (pints). There will be several retailers around the State who will also be selling these bottles, please check the posted list on Facebook. Here is a break down on what we will be selling….

Bourbon 101 – This will be our 2nd release of Bourbon. Featured at 101 proof and aged 3 years in new American oak. Our last release sold out same day of release proving WA State can make a great Bourbon!Triticale Straight Whiskey — This is the first EVER Straight Triticale Whiskey to be commercially made. Triticale is a hybrid grain of Wheat and Rye. Developed in Scotland in the 1800s it is now a rotational crop here in Eastern WA. You can’t find this Whiskey anywhere else in the world…and it’s delicious!Straight Cask Strength Wheat Whiskey — This is our signature Wheat Whiskey at barrel proof, which is 120 proof. Instead of cutting it down with purified water to 80 proof we are letting you taste it right out of the barrel. Oh, and it’s also 3 years old making it our oldest Wheat Whiskey ever bottled.Port Finish Wheat Whiskey — This is our signature Wheat Whiskey, but finished in used Townsend Huckleberry Port Barrels. Essentially the we took 2 year old Wheat Whiskey out of it’s barrel, and instead of bottling it, we refilled the Port Barrels a day after they were emptied. Expect some amazing Port influence and a dark beautiful color!

Barrel Aged Gin coming soon….

More Info and RSVP HERE!

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