Classy Tenderloin: Swig Bar in San Francisco


While visiting down in California for business I decided to take a look at the local San Francisco bar scene. The day we arrived right across the street there was a bar called Swig Swig. It was kind of plain on the out side, looked a little out dated, and truly there was nothing about it that called my name to walk in.

The next morning I walked out into the hotel lobby and that crummy outdated bar had disappeared!

SwigWith a new logo, a new paint job, and some great trees out front this place was now warm and inviting. I decided to stroll across the street to talk about what a crazy transformation had happened in only one day. What a vibe! The first thing that grabs your eye is the wall behind the bar. Can I say Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey! With over 300 bottles of Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Wheat, and Craft distilled spirits my jaw literally hit the floor. The room was dim lit and very natural, there was a nice big fireplace in the middle with some leather stools all across the floor. The serving bar is about 20 feet long and is showered with drink ingredients like fresh limes, lemons, grapefruits and herbs.

But the look of the bar is truly only one third of the experience. Kelsey Henry the local bartender on staff that night was AMAZING! Not only was she beautiful, but SMART about the ingredients she was11758_10151319142288547_703390147_n working with. I have been to a lot of bars where all the bar tenders recommend is the house whiskey, and when asked about a certain scotch or bourbon they look at you dumb founded as if they didn’t even know they served something different. Kelsey on the other hand, could speak to almost every bottle on the wall about the subtle difference in spice, smell, or flavor. Each drink came with a wealth of knowledge and recommendation from her and each drink was new and interesting.

But whiskey is not the only thing that shines at this bar. Kelsey can make a damn good cocktail too!

Write this down and feel free to quote me. “A good bartender does not need a menu.”

911977_10151840615921102_1087377600_nNext time you are at a bar ask them to make you something floral, but not very sweet, and with a little herbal twist. A good bar tender would whip you up something like an Ambassador (which Kelsey did). A bad bartender will give you the menu and say which one were you talking about. If you hear the second answer, get up, grab you stuff, and get the hell out!

With live music a few times a week, an unmatched whiskey selection, and AMAZING cocktails. This place is (in my opinion) the new shining star in the tenderloin district of San Francisco.

If you want to check out more give Swig a like on Facebook below and for goodness sake, GO DRINK HERE!!! They are located at 561 Geary St. in San Francisco California.

Swig Bar Facebook Page

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  1. TDistilledLife April 23, 2013 at 3:02 pm #

    ddalton swigbar thanks for the share! One hell of a bar!