The Best Drinking App: Distiller


When trying to find something new to drink it can be hard staring at the shelves at your local liquor store and guessing which bottle you should spend your hard earned money on.

Sure I like to jump online and check out reviews and see what sounds good, but choosing a bottle based off a snobby whiskey connoisseur’s opinion usually leads me to being disappointed.

I recently stumbled on an app called Distiller. This app is amazing! Not only does it let you track your own collection of scotches and whiskeys, but it also builds recommendations for what might fit your flavor profile based on what you own and like. It will stretch your collection to new heights and get you try new things that will fit your target taste buds. The best part is you can even narrow your search to the budget you are looking to spend so you can keep it affordable.

They do have some great honest reviews that describe the flavors you will find as well as who reviewed it,

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.25.19 PM

but even more rewarding is charts that graph out what you can expect to taste so dummies like me can get a feeling for what I’m about to buy.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 9.25.32 PM

If you like whiskey and are looking to try new things but also keep a list of what you like this is a MUST HAVE app!

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