The Best Drinking App: Distiller


  When trying to find something new to drink it can be hard staring at the shelves at your local liquor store and guessing which bottle you should spend your hard earned money on. Sure I like to jump online and check out reviews and see what sounds good, but choosing a bottle based off […]

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Woodinville Bourbon Review By Spokane Whiskey Club


Woodinville Bourbon Review The craft distilling industry is succeeding on a few levels. The most important of which is innovation, ever rare in the crowded marketplace. Non-traditional grains, unorthodox finishing, old school comebacks (plain corn whiskies) and micro-barreling, to name a few, have seen success on the whiskey shelf. Things get interesting when a new innovation is […]

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The Bourbon is BACK!


SUPER RARE DRY FLY BOURBON ON SALE TOMORROW 12/19/2013!!! Bourbon Barrel #6, less than half full was never taken to production or topped off. This forgotten Bourbon, of substantial age, is finally being released! Packaged in a rare 750 ml bottle and signed by the distillers, it is featured in a wooden gift set along […]

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Dry Fly Cask Strength Wheat Whiskey: A Review By Spokane Whiskey Club


Dry Fly Distillery has been releasing their 100% Washington Wheat whiskey for about four years now. Among other things, it is known for its trademark evocative aroma of buttery wheat grain and underlying fruity sweetness. All in all, it’s a flavorful spirit but on the lighter side of the spectrum. But, we have always been […]

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Classy Tenderloin: Swig Bar in San Francisco


While visiting down in California for business I decided to take a look at the local San Francisco bar scene. The day we arrived right across the street there was a bar called Swig Swig. It was kind of plain on the out side, looked a little out dated, and truly there was nothing about […]

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Dry Fly Distillery: First Ever Creel Collection Release


CASK STRENGTH, TRITICALE, PORT FINISH WHISKIES ALONG WITH OUR 2ND RELEASE OF BOURBON. On Dec. 1st we will be releasing 3 brand new products including our 2nd Batch of Washington Straight Bourbon 101. We will open at 10 am and product will be sold first come first served. Everything will be sold in 375 ml […]

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Montgomery Distillery – Missoula, Montana

Montgomery Distillery

On Tuesday I visited the new Montgomery Distillery in Missoula, Montana. Some may wonder why I was traveling through Montana… the fact is, I live here so it’s pretty easy to visit said place. You may now ask why it took so long to visit the distillery, after all, it’s been open for almost a […]

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Spokane Whisky Club: Dry Fly Port Barrel Finish Wheat Whiskey


Whiskey has a long tradition with flavoring. Specifically, infusing wine flavoring by “finishing” whiskey in a previously used wine barrel adds a nice sweetness. The Scots love to use Sherry and Port wine barrels to finish their single malts, and the results are often wonderful. But American whiskey? We’ve never really concerned ourselves with it, […]

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Spokane Whisky Club: Dry Fly Bourbon 101


It’s always fun to see a craft distillery, relatively new on the scene, tackle something other than Vodka or Gin, or even some base level whiskey, and decide to go for that great old chestnut known as American Bourbon. Keep in mind that this spirit is a few hundred years old with generation after generation […]

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Spokane Whisky Club: Dry Fly Barrel Reserve Gin


It has been said, somewhere, maybe at least once by no one in particular, “I’d rather have a bad scotch than a good gin.” We personally would rather just order a good scotch and a good gin, but some people I guess are just too particular. Perhaps with this customer in mind, Dry Fly Distilling […]

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