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Newport Distilling Company

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Coastal Extreme Brewing Company was established in 1999 by four graduates of Colby College: Brent Ryan, Derek Luke, Mark Sinclair, and Will Rafferty. Rhode Island was chosen as the location because, at the time of opening, there were no other microbreweries in the state. Coastal Extreme Brewing company produces approximately 5000 barrels per year.

In 2007, Coastal Extreme also began producing Thomas Tew Rum, named after Rhode Island’s first pirate. Brent Ryan, President and CEO of Coastal Extreme, said that the production of rum is part of an effort to “resurrect the rum history of Newport.”

In January 2011 the brewery was fearured episode on the show Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe. In which the brewery showed in detail how they produce and package their Thomas Tew rum.

307 Oliphant Lane
Unit 3
Middletown, Rhode Island 2842

Date Founded: 2007
Owners: Brent Ryan

Phone: 401-849-5232

Online Store: